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Company formation / Starting entrepreneur

Setting up a business in the Netherlands without local knowledge is complex. For us starting a businesss is not a mysterious process

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Company Formation

Setting up a business in the Netherlands without local knowledge is complex. It starts with basic matters as which Legal entity to select, VAT number, Bank account. Other factors like knowledge of local (tax) legislation, regulations, culture, language, customs, infrastructure and competitors are also essential. Knowledge that you need in order to play the game of business fairly and successfully and create a sound foundation for growth. We can help you with your first steps

Starting entrepreneur

Many people believe starting a business is a mysterious process. They know they want to start their business, but they don't know the first steps to take. We're happy to help you with the various steps in this process and advice you so you can take the correct initial decisions.

Bookkeeping / Payroll processing

Administrative tasks are an essential part often time-consuming and frustrating.

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Bookkeeping administrative tasks are an essential part of any successful business but can often be time-consuming and frustrating, particularly for smaller businesses. For such businesses, check our bookkeeping services..

We know how to properly prepare your financial statements and with our experience opening and running businesses, we’ll be sure to stay on top of correctly submitting all your Tax and VAT returns.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing has become rather complex that is turned over as a general rule to specialised companies. For ContractHulp it is an in-house process privinding you the periodic (monthly) processing, the reporting of income tax and socilal security withholdings, reporting of the amounts to be transmitted

Virtual Office / Local Representation

It helps inspire trust in your business from your clients and unfamiliarity with Dutch Company and Tax law need not to slow down the business.

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Virtual Office and Address service

Establish a presence in the Dutch market with a virtual office. Our virtual Office plans include call answering services and mail handling with a professional business address.

Local Representation

Local representation allows foreign companies to have a certain form of presence without the need to setup a company or representative office.

Local banking /Tax residency

A local bank account will help you establish increased credibility in the eyes of local customers or allows you to take advantage of international tax agreements

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Local Banking

When setting up business in a new country, your company will benefit from opening a local bank account. A local bank account will help you establish increased credibility in the eyes of local customers as well as make certain transactions easier.

But the process itself can be difficult, particularly when it needs to be completed in a foreign language. Strict compliance regulations and having to conduct the process remotely can make the procedure seem almost impossible. That’s why most of our clients ask us to assist them with the process.

Tax Residency

More and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of international tax agreements to reduce their tax liabilities and ensure that they’re not paying more than they have to. Traditionally, most people have assumed that this type of tax residency is for large multinational companies. In truth, all you need is the correct insight and advice, and your business can be set up in an optimal tax residence. In order to take advantage of tax-friendly possibilities of the Netherlands, you will need to establish your business in the Netherlands. In order to be classified as a tax resident, you will need a physical location in the Netherlands where the business activities are performed as well as a local personell to manage responsibilities, As part of our services, we offer local Bookkeeper or Secretary services that can support you in meeting these requirements.